This is an Automotive UI project, collaborated with Industrial Designers, John Galin, Martin Mosqueda, and Zoe Fernandez.

A shared transportation system, which is not only your daily transportation vehicle, but also your virtual companion, who is always by your side, knows you well and can make suggestions in your favor.

What does GoPal do?

GoPal is not only your virtual travel companion inside the vehicle, GoPal follows you everywhere with your smart device.

GoPal learns who you are. GoPal knows what you like or don’t like base on your daily activities. Therefore, GoPal can make accurate suggestions to your favor.

GoPal streamlines your daily life by taking the initiative to make transportation schedules. GoPal can also take care of your errands, like picking up dinner, or delivering packages for you, so that you can have more time to enjoy your life. GoPal maximizes your work and life efficiency.

Customizing GoPal

GoPal is customizable and has emotions. GoPal interacts with you just like how your friends do. As the owner, you can adjust your “pal”’s personality from 7 aspects. As your virtual companion, GoPal gives you feedbacks with emotions represented by 6 colors. Furthermore, GoPal’s emotion is a combination of 3 layers. The primary color represents his primary emotion, the second layer represents his micro emotion, and the outer color ring is the supporting aura.

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