Mochi's Adventure

An interactive story app designed for children to learn Chinese calligraphy in a more interesting way.

Chinese Calligraphy and painting is an unique art originated from the East Asia tradition, which its history can be traced back to over 8,000 years ago. “Shu Hua”, is the Chinese translation of the calligraphy art, which is created by using brushes, water, and ink. The writing are usually created with a painting that reflects the thought of the calligrapher. Chinese calligraphy and painting holds important appreciation aspect in the Chinese culture. There is a saying in Chinese, “Qin Qi Shu Hua”, which means “lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy and painting”, and were considered as the most important accomplishments of a scholar in the traditional Chinese culture.

However, children always have a lot of struggles when they first started to learn Chinese calligraphy. From holding the brush with a specific hand gesture while writing and painting, to being able to concentrate for a long period of time. Not to mention that they need to get the right amount of ink and water on their brush, so that their writing or painting will not fade on the paper. Therefore, most of the children do not enjoy nor being able to appreciate the art of Chinese calligraphy and painting.

Without going through all the hassles, Mochi will introduce the basic writing skills of Chinese calligraphy through his adventures with friends. The app will introduce the 6 basic brush strokes in Chinese calligraphy through the 6 stories. In each story, children will also be learning a new Chinese character, that consists of the same brush stroke that is taught in the storyline. By the end of the story, children will be guided to create a painting that relates to their adventure with Mochi, and accompanies their calligraphy. An art with a calligraphy writing and painting will then be saved in their gallery when they finish the story. “Mochi’s Adventure” is going to provide a fun and interactive environment for children to get started in learning this unique type of traditional art.

With a happy first experience in Chinese calligraphy and painting, children will be more likely to appreciate, and be more interested to continue their discovery and study of the art, and the Chinese culture later on.

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Mochi's Adventure