Smart Mate

This is an Automotive UI project, collaborated with Industrial Designers Byoung Oh Young, Yena Park, Zhehao Zhang, and New Media Designer, Adam Wojewidka.

“Smart Mate” is designed for 2040. We believe that 25 years from now, big cities with high population will be facing transportation problems, including traffic and parking concerns. “Smart Mate” is designed to solve this problem, by infusing the advantages of public and private transportation, while also using latest technologies, to create new possibilities to satisfy different needs of our passengers.

“Smart Mate” is an autonomous car that is available for any one to rent for use. It uses Claytronics for the interior, which is programmed for 4 different modes, including the Shared mode, Social mode, Private mode, and Utility mode, each mode is designed for an unique purpose of use. Claytronics is one of the technology we are using, it is a programmable atoms that can change it’s shape and color, which results in bringing unlimited possibility for the interior structure of the car.

Each car is also programmed, so that cars on the same route will be linked together while moving. Therefore, the more people using “Smart Mate”, the more effective the result will be. And we will be able to save more energy, cost, space, and result in less traffic in the city and a reduction of space for parking.

I am the team leader for this project, as well as the interior UI designer. From the UI aspect of the project, first, we designed an app for the “Smart Mate” system, where users can reserve the vehicle from their digital device in less than a minute. When the car arrives, it will notify you from your digital device, and the device will recognize the car to unlock your vehicle for you.

Once you get into the car, you can connect your digital device to the car as a controller for the interior, including temperature, audio, lighting, and navigation. While traveling, your destination information will also be displayed on the window. You can choose to turn it to Full mode, where you can see information of the surroundings when you are passing by, Simplified mode, with destination information only, or None, which the guides will be completely turned off.

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